I heart Thailand

As I get ready to embark on another adventure, it feels like an appropriate time to reflect some past travels. Also, since I haven’t posted in a while, I have a lot to talk about… Last year I traveled to Asia for the first time (Yay! A new continent!). And, I have to admit, I […]

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Zdrasti, Bulgaria!

Ever since my first trip overseas 2 years ago, I can’t get enough International travel into my schedule. I’m constantly trying to work around holidays and any other way I can manipulate my vacation time to get out of the country as much as possible. It also helps when you know people overseas who can help […]

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Minneapolis — Dontcha Know?!

Unfortunately, it’s been a while since my last post, but this only means there’s more adventures coming soon! Anyway… I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Minneapolis is pretty cool, y’all. So, I’m on this mission to visit all 50 states. Unfortunately, I was only 25 states into this adventure at this point, but on […]

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The Final Days

Our last couple days in Cape Town were pretty lazy, for the most part. We decided instead of trying to cram in a safari, or doing some other activity that would be an all day event, to take some time and enjoy the city. That Friday, we went to lunch at Gouremet Boerie where we […]

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The Great Outdoors

  Day 6 consisted mostly of hiking and being outdoors all day. It was my brother’s 30th birthday, and he decided that he wanted to hike Lion’s Head that morning. We also figured it was the best day to check out Table Mountain. That morning, we started our hike around 9 am. The weather was […]

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Cape Town: The First Days

Apparently, I got a little too excited about my penguin and baboon adventure that I completely left out the first two days of the trip! Not nearly as exciting, but here you go… We made it to Cape Town around noon on a Saturday. I could barely contain my excitement to be in such a […]

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The Journey to Cape Town

Well, it’s definitely time for a new post! Long overdue… And this series, I think, is well worth the wait. A few months ago, I get a WhatsApp message from my brother asking, “Hey, would you want to go to Cape Town in February?”, and of course my response was, “YES!!!”. It never really crossed […]

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