It’s May. And it’s snowing.

Last weekend, I went to visit two of my good friends, Austin and Caitlin, who live in one of my favorite cities that I’d love to call home someday — Denver. Settled at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, the view to the West could not be more spectacular. Not to mention, it’s a pretty cool city on it’s own, and paired with friends that I’m guaranteed to have a good time with, I can’t go wrong with my (what now seems to be  annual) trip. Hopefully, I’ll actually pack up my bags and move out there one of these days.

The typical Colorado trip always includes hiking and brewery tours. So, of course, we did these things while I was there for my way-too-short weekend trip.

Saturday morning, we woke up early and made our way to Boulder for our hiking adventure that day. Thankfully, skies were clear and the views of the flat irons were picturesque even before we made our way up the Flagstaff Trail at Boulder Mountain parks. I felt like I was in a postcard! I really enjoyed this hike because we weren’t nestled away in the trees as most hikes are. We had constant views of the city below. The hike itself was rated easy/strenuous. I’d say more strenuous than easy, but I like to blame it on the altitude — Definitely not the million steps it took to get up the mountain. Getting to the top makes it all worth it though.


Image      ImageImage  Image

Image    Image Image     ImageImage        Image


After our 3 hour hike, thankfully, it was lunch time and not only did I want, but most definitely deserved a big, fat, juicy cheeseburger after that. AND some delicious Colorado beer. We needed to hydrate! Naturally, the next stop was Avery Brewing Co.





My burger and sweet potato tots were pretty amazing, but the beer was even better! First, I tried the Bhakti Chai Brown and it was incredible. When it first touches the tongue, it’s sweet, but finishes with that spicy chai taste that’s just enough, yet not overpowering. I also tried tasters of Out of Bounds Stout and Ellie’s Brown Ale which I loved as well. Both smooth and savory.

We got to the brewery early enough to sign up for the limited person tours on Saturday afternoons. This was absolutely one of the best tours I’ve been on at a brewery. I love when you can tell that they not just passionate about beer, but they have a lot of fun talking about it and our guide was quite entertaining. We were able to see the beginning stages of Rumpkin, which is their barrel-aged pumpkin ale and he explained some of the other processed. Now, I love pumpkin beer! And add this to a rum barrel for a few months? YES, PLEASE.

We also learned how to smell beer on this tour to get a better experience while tasting beer. I’m on my way to becoming a beer snob, y’all. So, there are 3 techniques used — the “Doberman”, the “Southern drawl”, and the “drive by”. The “Doberman” consists of smelling something the way a dog would — quick sniffs. The “Southern drawl” speaks for itself — one long sniff. Then, the “drive by”. This may be my favorite smelling technique. You’re supposed to sniff with one nostril while slowing moving towards the other. Apparently, like taste buds, things smell different depending where it hits the nostril. Try it sometime.

That night, we went to see Varekai, a Cirque Du Soleil show and it was incredible! That was the first CDS show I’ve seen and I can’t wait to see another. The acts were fascinating and the comedy part was funny and entertaining as well. Go see it! Too bad I couldn’t take pictures…

So, the reason this post has the title, “It’s May. And it’s snowing”, is because it’s May and it was snowing that Sunday. It was just in the 60’s the day before! Now, as a girl who was born and raised all over the South, this is something I have never seen. Seeing snow is pretty rare itself (except for this past Winter, as we all know), but to see snow in the Spring is unheard of. Who knew?! I do now. At least the entire city doesn’t shut down like it does here, and I feel like I’m getting used to it now. That was my sixth time to see snow in the past six months so it’s basically old news, but I admit that it was still fun to see.

 snow    snowgnome


Until next time…

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