The Chronicles of Doha & Dubai

So, I figured I’d give a little more detail about my overseas adventure. Since the Middle East isn’t well travelled by Americans (espeically Qatar), I thought I’d give a little more insight into my experience while I was there. The Middle East is definitely an interesting place. At times I still felt like I was […]

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It’s May. And it’s snowing.

Last weekend, I went to visit two of my good friends, Austin and Caitlin, who live in one of my favorite cities that I’d love to call home someday — Denver. Settled at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, the view to the West could not be more spectacular. Not to mention, it’s a pretty […]

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So it begins…

If you know me, you know I love to travel. Thankfully, I have friends who live all over the US and a brother who lives across the world which, obviously, makes it easier for me. I try to visit new places, but I love visiting my friends too much and find too many good flight […]

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