Let’s do the ‘DAM city!

Amsterdam is the very first city I ever visited overseas. And alone [see first blog post here]. Since I always felt like my time there wasn’t well spent, it seemed like the best place for me to go back to… alone… again. It really is a great place for solo travelers, but also first-timers to […]

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Our FEStastic Finale

Fes [or Fez] was the last stop on our adventure through the country. And honestly, I’d say that we saved the best for last. It’s small and the most traditional and conservative out of the three cities we visited. It was similar to Marrakech in the sense that there were a lot of markets to […]

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Vancouver, eh?

I have to admit. Sometimes, I forget Canada is another country, but because it in fact IS a country of it’s own, which means I got to check another off my list! Fifteen and counting! I wanted to do another international trip this year, but figured I’d be doing another solo trip. Vancouver kept popping […]

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Three-Oh in Chicago

“I’m gonna tell you somethin’ that you all should know, Chicago is the best place I ever know…” – Jimmy Rodgers I’ve written about Chicago before, but I love this city so much it deserves as second [and better] post! Since I was joining “the 30 club” this year, I knew I could pretty easily […]

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Vietnam? More like Viet-awesome!

Okay, so the title isn't exactly pho-nominal [pun INtended], but it's true. Vietnam isn't too shabby. I mean, it's a little shabby. In the whole, like, super gritty, but really cool kind of way. And walking in the streets of Hanoi is like playing a game of real life Frogger. Except, you're the frog. And, […]

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Lobster Rolls and Life Lessons

Something I've always thought about doing since I started traveling a lot is traveling alone. Like, at least an actual full weekend by myself. I did a long layover in Amsterdam once [see first blog post], but other than that, I've always traveled solo only to meet friends at each destination. This year, I decided […]

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